Superior Gas Installers in Pretoria


Welcome to Pretoria Gas Installers. If you’re looking for top-rated gas installations by licenced installers, look no further. We can help. As specialists in our field, both domestic and commercial, we have a quick response time on all installations.


As a registered gas installations contractor in Pretoria, we also service the surrounding areas. Our installation services include the following: gas appliance installations as well as repairs and maintenance of gas stoves & hobs, fireplaces, braais and geysers. Upon completion of each gas installation, a certificate of compliance or COC is issued to the customer.


Due to the nature of gas installations, we strongly advise our customers to hire a skilled professional when installing and maintaining gas appliances. Don’t get us wrong, gas appliances aren’t dangerous but if they aren’t used correctly or installed by gas specialists, it can become a hazard. It’s not worth taking the risk!


Load shedding. Now there’s a term every South African is familiar with. Like most, you’ve probably looked at alternative solutions to get you through blackouts. Gas is much better for the environment and more reliable than electricity. And with the rate at which electricity costs are climbing, more affordable too. We offer very competitive rates on gas appliances and installations because we believe our customers deserve value for money.


Are you looking for professional gas installers in Pretoria and surrounds right now? We can help! We offer affordable gas installations so you won’t have to wait any longer to start reaping the benefits of gas in your home. Get in touch with the best gas installers in Pretoria to book your gas installation today.


Registered Gas Installers (Domestic & Commercial)


Are you aware of the fact that it’s illegal to use gas suppliers in South Africa that aren’t registered? Using them could afford you with a hefty fine. Not even talking about the health-related issues due to inhaling gas or the likelihood of a gas explosion. Using unregistered gas installers to save money simply isn’t worth the risk of a gas fire.


As registered LP gas installers in Pretoria, we supply a certificate of compliance with each and every gas installation. If you ever need to claim from your insurance, this document is vital for them to consider payout. Without it, you won’t have a case.


Gas appliances offer great value for money, especially when installed by the best gas installations company in Pretoria. Whichever gas appliance you need — gas fireplaces & braais, gas stoves & hobs or gas water heaters — we have a team ready to assist.


Gas appliances can cut your electricity bill by at least 50%. While cost-saving is excellent, what’s even better is the fact that you’ll be able to go about your daily activities such as cooking or taking a hot shower whether there is load shedding or not. Gas offers a reliable alternative to electricity.


We take great pride in our fast installation turnaround times. And if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry, we offer rent to own gas solutions too.


We are very strict when it comes to gas regulations which is why we have more than 5000 happy customers under our belt. As leaders in the gas industry, we service the domestic, commercial and industrial market. Our aim is to maintain our title as reputable gas installers in Pretoria.

LP Gas Gauteng: New Installations and Maintenance


Get in touch with Pretoria Gas Installers for new gas installations, maintenance and repairs. We can install today! With many years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured you are working with experts.


We are registered LP gas installers of gas appliances like geysers, stoves, fireplaces and braais. These appliances also need regular maintenance to stay highly efficient. An annual inspection is recommended to ensure safe use. Call us right away if you suspect a gas leak or blockage. Ignoring the problem will only make matters worse.


Switching from electricity to gas will make a tremendous difference in your monthly electricity bill and might just be the best decision you’ve made in a long time. Gas is affordable, convenient and readily available all over the country. It’s the best alternative solution to keep your home running during blackouts.


You can cut your electricity bill in half and start saving money today by installing a gas geyser in your home. Make sure you always ask for a certificate of compliance and keep it in a safe spot. When you use registered LP gas installers like ourselves, you won’t have to ask. We always supply our customers with a COC after every gas installation.


At Pretoria Gas Installers we believe in fast and effective gas installations. Customer satisfaction is highly valued. Don’t wait a second longer. Book a technician for your gas installation, maintenance or repairs today by giving us a call right now. Our team is ready to assist.